~Legend Of The Poinsetta~
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    It once was the custom in Mexico, For the villagers to leave a gift for the Baby Jesus in their church on Christmas Eve.  In one small village, a little boy who had no give to bring Baby Jesus, prayed to God for a way to show his love for the infant King. God, in his mercy, looked down on the boy and answered his earnest prayer, By causing a flower to bloom where he knelt--,  A flower so brilliant and fair.  The miraculous flower was formed like a star with  leaves that were red and so bright,  and the boy's precious gift has come to be known ,  As the "Flower of the Holy Night."
~Caring  For  The  Poinsettia~

   WATER: Keep the soil slightly moist, especially during the blooming period.

  LIGHT: Give this plant at least four hours of bright light daily, but avoid direct sunlight.

   SPECIAL AID: After the colored blooms fade and drop in the spring, cut your poinsettia back to four inches and repot it in fresh soil. Fertilize once a month until, and then stop feeding. To induce the plant to flower again, alternate light with at least 14 hours of darkness each day for six weeks. Start this process in September for blooms by Christmas.