~Legend Of The Crown Of Thorns~
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   LEGEND: Euphorbus was the court physician to Juba, King of Mauritania.  The doctor fell in love with the beautiful Letitia, the king's niece. Since a member the royal family could not marry a commoner, Princess Letty and Euphorbus decided to run away. They set out in a sturdy boat and sailed down the western edge of Africa, around the Cape of Good Hope and up to Madagascar. There were warmly greeted by the friendly natives, who were fascinated by the Princess's long red hair.  The couple lived in a little hut until Letty became ill and died despite the doctor's efforts to save her. he buried his lovely wife on a hill and planted thorny bushes around the grave to keep wild animals away. Soon the bushes blossomed with clusters of red flowers, to become Euphorbia splendens -the splendor of Euphorbus.  So if you want to keep you're loved ones safe from harm a crown of thorns could be the perfect gift this holiday season.

   WATER: Water the crown of thorns only when the soil feels dry.

   LIGHT: Grow this plant in medium,  filtered light, or even in full sun if you expose it slowly it.

    SPECIAL AID: Propagate the crown-of-thorns in spring or early summer by letting tip cuttings dry for several days before inserting them in moist, coarse sand or perlite to root. When the plant is rooted, pot it up in porous, well drained potting soil. Handle this plant with care because the thorns are quite sharp and do leave sharp thorns.