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Our Dot to Dots  descripitions  are  simple,  check out the dot  to dot by clicking on the snowman or the description and print as many puzzles as you would like.  To PRINT go to the TOP of your screen to the word File, then slide down to where it says Print and Click.  Or you may just click the Print button at the top of the screen. If you need help ask an adult to help you print them for you.   To get back to the index (here) click the snowman at the bottom of the page.
Angel  Dot To Dot
Candy Cane Dot To Dot
Holiday Warmth Dot To Dot
Present Train Dot To Dot
Snowman Dot To Dot
Who Will Help Santa?  Dot To Dot
Present Dot  To  Dot
Angel Dot
Candy Cane Dot
Holiday Warmth Dot
Who Help Santa Dot
Snowman Dot
Present Dot
Present Train Dot
Santa's North Pole